Tata Sky Mobile app becomes ‘sky mobile’

Mobile app developers are using the Apple iPhone 6 to launch new versions of their mobile apps, including ones for Android and Apple TV.

The company behind Sky Mobile, which is based in India, has said it will make a decision about launching its app for Android at the end of this month.

Sky Mobile has been a popular app for people who live near their phones and are in remote areas.

It offers an app-sharing and a weather-sharing app, which can be used to get alerts and make predictions, to help you plan for the weather.

Apple said earlier this month it was launching a new version of its iOS mobile app called Weather for iOS 7, which will allow users to upload weather images and forecasts.

But in an email to developers, Apple said that it had decided not to launch an app for the Apple TV, which was introduced in July.

“We’re currently planning to start building out a new TV app for iOS,” it said.

“This will be the first TV app from Apple to work on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.”

But there are some apps for Apple TV that will work, including Apple TV Radio, an Apple TV app that lets users share weather forecasts and other weather information with others.

“Apple TV is a great platform for our customers to connect and share their weather, sports and travel experiences,” Sky Mobile said in a statement.

“Our app will be compatible with Apple TV.”

Apple TV has a new app called Apple TV Remote for iOS, which lets users access the Siri Remote, a voice-controlled device that lets people control Apple TV remotely.

It was released last month.

Google’s Android app for Google TV, called Google TV on Android, has also launched, along with a new Android app that allows users to connect to Google TV’s Google Play store to download and install the new Android version of the app.

Apple TV on iOS has also announced that it is releasing a new iOS app called Siri Remote for Android.

A new version for iOS will launch on September 18, the company said.

BBC News’ Simon Wren, who is based at the BBC News website, said that the announcement came after a series of tweets from the company’s chief executive, David Rubenstein.

“It’s a good move by Apple, which has already made a lot of noise in the past about the difficulties it has had trying to market a TV app to the iPhone and iPad.

They have to deal with the iPhone’s poor app store, which it hasn’t even cracked yet,” he said.

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