When Apple wants to make it easier to keep your data safe, it needs a security solution

Anuj Kumar | The Times Of India| September 07, 2018 11:39 amA new app is in the works for Apple users to help prevent the spread of malware on their mobile devices.

The app, which has not been released to the public yet, will help users with the following tasks:Disable and block applications and settings that can be exploited to install malware on the device or that could allow malware to infect the device.

It will also help users identify and remove any malicious files on their device.

This app will be integrated into Apple’s iMessage app, an app that has been installed on over 75% of all iPhones worldwide and has seen over 6.5 billion users across its more than 1.5 million users.

Apple announced earlier this month that it was launching a new mobile messaging app to help users get more connected to one another.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the time that the new app would offer a simple way to get connected with friends and family, and that it would be available on both iOS and Android.

Apple, which is one of the world’s largest mobile device makers, said that it will make this app available on iPhone and iPad users worldwide starting in September.

This will be available for all of Apple’s mobile devices in a single app, but the company will offer more detailed details in the future, the company said.

Apple said in its announcement that it is launching this app with help from an open source project called Xcode, a developer tool used to develop apps for the Mac and iOS platforms.

Apple has a history of pushing software that will help its users to stay secure on its devices.

In May 2018, Apple introduced iMessage, a new app that helps users send messages to their family and friends using a new feature called Apple Pay.

This feature, however, has been criticized by security researchers for allowing malicious software to compromise an iPhone user’s phone and make the device vulnerable to cyber attacks.

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