How to use motion-based-ad-tracking on Android mobile apps

Motion-based ad-tracking offers great potential for targeting mobile apps, but it’s more of a challenge when you’re trying to create a seamless experience across platforms.

While the Android version of AdWords has already been getting some updates to support this kind of ad-based targeting, iOS and Windows Phone users are still stuck with the old-school method of using a single ad-serving widget that is installed on each device.

Now, a new feature from AdWords users in the iOS App Store lets you create a new widget, attach a custom image to it, and then target it with ads.

It’s called Motion-Based Ad-Tracking.

If you don’t have an Android device, you can download the AdWords SDK here.

If that doesn’t work, there’s a way to enable the new feature with an app in the Windows Phone Store.

The best part?

You can do this without the app, or you can get it in a new app.

To use the new option, first you need to create an account.

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to use the motion-enabled ad-tracker by going to the new AdWords app, then tapping on the new button on the top right of the screen.

Click the “+” icon next to the “+ Ad-Targeting” icon.

From there, you will see a list of options that can be toggled on or off.

The new option will show you the option to add a widget to your ad.

Click on the “Create new ad target” button.

The AdWords App will ask you if you want to use an image, and click “Yes.”

When you’re done, the Advertiser will see the new ad targeting widget.

You can now target the widget using an AdWords campaign.

To target an ad with a custom Image, click on the “+ Add Image” button in the AdTargeting section.

This will give you the options to add an image or a link to the ad.

From here, you have the ability to set a unique image for each ad targeting.

To add an Image, tap the “+Add Image” and then select a thumbnail from your photos library.

From the Ad Targeting section, you’re able to set the image name and size of the image.

The final step is to add the ad to your AdWords campaigns.

Click “Add ad” and choose the new campaign to be targeting.

After selecting the campaign, the campaign will show up in the list of campaigns.

Tap the “+ New Campaign” button and select the new Targeting Type.

You’ll be asked to choose an AdTarget type.

You don’t need to choose any of the other options.

You will need to select the target type that is most appropriate for your campaign.

Select the target that is appropriate for you.

This new target type will be added to your campaign in the next step.

Once your campaign is created, you need not worry about any ads that have been created with the previous AdTarget option.

Once the campaign is ready to run, you just need to go to your Campaigns tab and tap on the AdTargeting tab.

From this page, you should see a new Targetting type tab.

This is the one that shows you which ad targeting campaigns are available.

To check out the full list of AdTarget options, click the “+ More” button to expand the drop-down menu, then select AdTarget.

You may also see the “Change Targeting type” tab.

Here, you are able to choose from the list below.

The first option is to use a single target.

This allows you to target the ad directly from the AdText.

The second option is for more flexibility.

You could add a custom thumbnail, or set a custom width and height for each image.

Lastly, you could add an add-to-cart link, or add an animated banner to the end of the ad (like the one shown in the video above).

Click the “Save Targeting” button at the top of the AdTracking tab.

You should see the ad targeting widgets available in the target selection.

Once completed, the ad will appear in your Campaign results page.

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