How to create mobile apps without coding code

iOS and Android are used for more than 70% of all business communications worldwide, with mobile apps a big part of that, according to a report from App Annie.

The study found that the market for mobile apps has grown by almost $20bn since 2010 and there are now more than 10 billion apps available in the App Store and Google Play, according.

“Mobile apps are one of the fastest-growing categories of digital marketing activity,” App Annie CEO Scott Gann said in a statement.

“While mobile-first marketing has been around for years, the growth in app usage and growth in overall app market share has been particularly strong in recent years.”

In 2017, the app market for iOS and android grew more than 400% year-over-year, with the number of apps in the market growing at more than 200% year over year,” he said.

The number of app developers in the world rose by 40% to 447,000, with more than half of those coming from China, according the report.

The study found the app industry is still fragmented across regions and geographical areas.

While the number and type of apps available are growing at an average rate of 1.3 apps per month, developers are still creating apps for only 5.5% of the market, Gann noted.

It’s not just apps, though.

App makers have also made a huge effort to target and target mobile devices, with a new study from IDC finding that 85% of mobile app users use a smartphone or tablet, with one-third using a tablet in the past year.

With mobile apps, it’s all about getting users to the app.

The number of active users on mobile devices is growing faster than any other segment of the population, but the percentage of those users who use the app in the course of a month is still lower than the rest of the world, the report found.

Gann said the growing number of mobile apps means it is now more difficult to create a product or service that works for all users.”

That has created a very competitive environment where it’s hard to innovate.”

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