What do you want to know about Android’s new Android 8.0 Oreo update?

Thanks to the release of Android 8’s new Oreo operating system, you’ll no longer have to wait a full month before the Android Nougat update hits your device.

Starting April 25, Android 8 will arrive with a new version of the Google Now Launcher app, which is available as an update to Android devices running Android 8 Oreo or later.

Google Now is one of the most prominent features of Android, allowing users to access important information from the Google Search app, as well as use Google Now to quickly check a list of nearby restaurants, museums, or movie theaters.

Unfortunately, the Launcher app was not available on the Nexus 5X, so users on the device had to wait until April 25th to install it.

It is unclear if the Launcher update will be included on the 5X’s Nexus 5 or not, and we’ll have to update this article when we learn more.

The Launcher update has also been released to other Android devices, including the Nexus 6P, 6P Plus, and the Pixel C, but we haven’t seen it on the Pixel or Nexus 5, which means it won’t be available on either of those devices.

We’ll update this story once we learn if the launcher update is coming to other devices.

Google Now Launcher on the Google Play Store Android 8 has been available on devices running the latest Android versions since the release on April 25.

As you can see in the screenshots below, the launcher app has been completely updated, making it even more customizable.

This means that you can choose to have the Launcher launcher only appear when you tap on an image in Google Now or Google Maps, or if you prefer, to have it appear when an app or notification is open.

You can also use the launcher to open up apps and widgets that you’ve previously used, or to change the color of the Launcher, which can be changed by tapping on the color.

You can even customize the launcher’s look by choosing the default color for the notification area, the notification bar, the home button, and even the lock screen.

There are also a few other different launcher options that you’ll be able to customize with the help of a tool called the launcher-toolbox.

The launcher toolbox includes widgets, and you can customize these to match your mood.

You also can change the size and position of the launcher by using the widget-tool and a ruler tool, as shown below.

The widget-tools can also change the status bar color to match the status of the notification, and a shortcut icon that will open a shortcut for you.

You’ll also be able customize the notification shade, which you can access by using a slider to set the notification-light color to your liking.

The notification shade can be customized using a new notification-bar widget, a notification-tool, and some other settings.

Google has also updated the Launcher to make it easier to add new notification icons to the Launcher.

If you tap the notification icon in the notification box, the app will show you a new list of icons to add to the notification tray, and if you tap an icon, it will add that icon to the tray, so it’s easier to remember what to see next.

Android 8 also includes a new, more streamlined launcher icon.

Instead of having three icons that look like a Google logo on the top and bottom of the app, the new launcher icon is just one icon on the left of the screen, like on the HTC One M9.

This makes it easier for you to find apps and content you need to quickly launch.

You’ll also get a notification indicator that shows you when the launcher is currently open and when it’s open, just like it did on Android 7.0.

The icon is a preview image, so if you don’t like it, you can always revert back to the old Launcher icon.

Android Nougats launcher update will also be available to devices running Marshmallow, 8.1, and Oreo.

Android N is the new operating system that Google announced earlier this month, but it’s not yet available on Nexus devices.

It will eventually roll out to devices in the first half of the year, but you’ll have until March 25 to download the update if you haven’t already.

The launcher update was also released to Nexus devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, but users on those devices had to upgrade to Marshmallow or Android N. Marshmallow will be the next major version of Android that Google will bring to devices.

This update should bring improvements to performance, battery life, and battery life overall.

It also includes some additional features like notifications, a new wallpaper, and more.

It’s important to note that this update also comes with the usual Google Now launcher and launcher-tools improvements.

Android Oreo is the newest Android operating system released in April and it is available for Android devices starting April 25 on

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