Apple Pay is the new payment solution for your Android smartphone

Apple Pay, the new mobile payment service, is gaining traction and gaining traction fast.

The latest update to Apple Pay features two new mobile apps, a new way to pay, and a redesigned app store.

Apple Pay now supports Android phones with the Google Play store, but it’s also working on iOS.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is reportedly working on new mobile payments that will be available in the fall.

The apps that are available now include Apple Pay for iPhone and Apple Pay Mobile for Android.

Apple is making it easy to pay with Apple Pay.

The app for iPhone offers a convenient, secure way to make payments, while the app for Android uses a QR code that users scan.

With these two apps, users can now make payments using their smartphones and tablets with Apple Wallet.

The iOS app can also be used to pay using the web-based Apple Pay App.

Users can create a payment with just a phone number and a QR-code.

Apple Wallet also makes it easy for customers to transfer money to each other.

Apple’s app is available for Android phones running either Android 6.0.1 or 6.1.2 or running the Google Pixel OS, Android Nougat, and Android Marshmallow.

Apple said in a statement that the new Apple Pay app is ready for users in the “coming months.”

The company also announced the first Apple Pay cards.

The Apple Pay card will be priced at $5, $10, or $25.

The card will have a 6-digit code that can be scanned at a bank branch, or Apple will add another code to the card that can only be used for the first time in a single transaction.

Customers who buy two or more cards can transfer a total of $1,000 between their Apple Pay accounts.

Apple also said that it will launch two new Apple Watches later this year.

Apple Watch Series 3 will be the first watch with Apple’s new WatchOS 3 operating system.

The new watch will come with the same watchOS 3 features and functions as the Apple Watch, including an accelerometer that enables it to track steps and calories burned.

The Watch will be sold in 30 different colors.

Apple says that Apple Watch owners can upgrade their watches for $250, which is a substantial savings over the $1.5 million price tag of the original Apple Watch.

Apple will be releasing an Apple Watch Edition starting in September that includes an upgraded Apple Watch for $350.

The $350 Apple Watch will come in black or white, or both, with a stainless steel case and leather band.

It will include the Apple Pay functionality and will come to retailers in September.

The price of the Apple Watcher Edition is set to increase to $380.

The company is also working with Nike to launch a Nike FuelBand.

The Nike Fuelband can be used with Apple Watch to track how many calories you’ve burned, how much money you’ve spent, and other important health metrics.

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