How to use your mobile device to play mobile games on your Android device

Mobile gaming is exploding and you can get some quick, easy access to the latest mobile games without spending hours on the internet.

This guide walks you through some simple tricks and tips to get the most out of your mobile gaming experience.


Disable the notifications.

The easiest way to stop notifications from popping up on your mobile is to turn off the notification blocking option on your device.

To do this, open the notification settings on your phone and click the notification tab.

This will take you to the notifications panel.

Tap the ‘Unread’ checkbox next to the notification.


Turn off the ‘More info’ section.

When you get an email or text message that contains a link to the site you’re visiting, this can be an indicator that a site you visit is being accessed.

This section of the notification should be hidden by default.

Instead, tap the ‘View more info’ button on the notification to reveal more information.


Enable the “Show more info” option.

When the notification is shown, tap it to reveal additional information about the notification such as the sender and the message.

This information will also be visible on the home screen.


Toggle the ‘Show more information’ checkmark.

This will turn the notification into a popup box that you can tap to reveal the information.


Toggle ‘Hide more info.’

If you want to hide the notification, tap ‘Hide this notification’ on the pop-up box.


Turn the ‘Hide’ check-box back on.

The next time you open the notifications app, the notification will now be hidden and the ‘more info’ box will appear.


Disable ‘More Info’ section altogether.

When your notifications are not showing, the ‘show more info button’ will no longer appear on the notifications screen.

Instead of a popup, it will now just display an arrow pointing to the bottom of the notifications menu.

This is what you want.


Disable more options.

Open the settings of the mobile app and scroll down to the ‘Display’ section and disable the ‘Auto-show more’ check option.

You will then be able to see more info about the notifications and you’ll also see a list of apps that you’re allowed to download.


Hide notification again.

You can also disable the notification in the notification panel.

To turn off notifications, simply tap the notification menu on the left of the screen and then tap the box next to ‘Show More Info.’


Disable notification again to remove all notifications.

If you’re still getting notifications on your iPhone, you can also tap the notifications checkbox on the right side of the settings app to remove the notification from the notification bar.

This can also be done from the notifications settings of your phone.


Turn notification off again.

The notification blocking settings on Android phones can be a little tricky to navigate, so you may need to turn on/off various settings in order to get your desired results.

Here’s a quick rundown of the various options you can use to turn notifications off and on. 12.

Disable app notifications.

You should also disable any app notifications from your phone so that you don’t get distracted.

You can disable app notifications by going to Settings>Privacy>Notifications.

If you’re not sure how to disable app notification, check out our guide on how to hide app notifications on Android.


Toggle off notification lock.

If your notifications don’t seem to be showing on your notifications screen, you may have the app notification lock feature enabled on your handset.

This means that any notifications you receive will appear as if they are from the app, even if they’re not.

To enable the app notifications lock, go to Settings>>App Lock.

This feature can be disabled by turning off app notifications or by unchecking the ‘Enable app notifications’ check box.


Toggle notifications on again.

To turn on notifications again, go back to the settings menu on your smartphone and tap the settings check box at the top of the list.

This time, tap “Turn on notifications” to enable notifications again.


Disable notifications on phones that don’t have an app lock.

You may have noticed that when you open your notifications app on your iOS device, there is an app notification icon next to it.

This app notification is also sometimes called an ‘app lock icon’.

This is a notification that indicates that the app is locked.

To disable this app notification on your phones, you need to go to settings>>Apps>>Apps you’ve installed.

If there is no app notification app icon next the Settings app, you will need to open the settings and tap ‘Show apps you’ve enabled’.

If you still have an application notification, you’ll need to tap on the icon next your phone icon to enable the application notification.


Toggle app notifications off again by turning on app notifications again from the

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