Obama: I can’t stop you from voting, but I can make sure you can’t take my vote away

President Obama has warned that a Republican victory in November’s midterm elections could threaten the livelihoods of millions of Americans who are eligible to vote in the Nov. 4 election.

Speaking at a press conference Thursday, Obama said the results of the election could be in danger of being distorted by partisan attacks and “in the hands of people who are just so bent on destroying our democracy that they will use anything, any means necessary to do so.”

“If Republicans control the Senate and we don’t get an election to protect our future, then we’re going to see some people lose their jobs, some people are going to lose their homes, some are going in the streets, some of them are going into poverty,” he said.

“We are going not only to see those kinds of attacks, but we’re also going to have a situation where people that want to live paycheck to paycheck, who want to be able to have security in their own home, who have been working hard and putting in the time to get to where they are, are going through a disruption that could have a real negative impact on their lives and their families.”

The president said that the president has taken the threat of election-related violence seriously, and said that while he had not personally experienced any of the violence that has been reported to the White House, he has spoken to officials and has spoken with state and local law enforcement about the possibility of a potential violence outbreak.

“There are people who have already been attacked by violent groups,” he continued.

“We know that in the past, when we have had to deal with a situation like that, we have used the best practices of the response that we had at the time.”

Obama also made a rare foray into the debate over voting rights.

He told reporters that “the law is going to work,” but said he had heard from a few people who were concerned about whether or not they could cast a ballot in November.

“I think the answer is yes, you can vote,” he added.

“The law is working.

There are people out there who want their vote, but they don’t have to go through the trouble of coming to the polls.

I just heard that there are people right now who have to make sure they’re going through the right process.

I think that’s a legitimate concern.”

Democrats and Republicans alike have been critical of the president’s decision to hold off on taking the vote away from the millions of eligible voters, who are considered eligible to cast a vote if they meet certain eligibility requirements.

A few weeks ago, the president said he would have made an announcement about the election on Friday, but postponed it in order to focus on healthcare and the economy.

In his press conference, he also spoke about his plans for the economy and health care.

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