Google’s Motion Array Android app to launch on the Google Play Store

Android app developers can start working on their mobile apps this week with the launch of Google’s latest mobile platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for developers, which offers a new way to offer mobile content to the Google ecosystem.

The Google Play Services for Mobile platform, which launched in February, is designed to be more of a mobile-first platform for developers to work with.

Google will now allow users to upload and share apps on its platform, allowing them to build apps for devices and use them on other devices.

Google will be able to sell apps on the platform through its Google Play Developer Program.

Developers can then monetize the apps on their own terms, or allow the apps to be shared across multiple platforms such as in the case of video and radio, in the example of Google Now.

For now, Google will be allowing developers to sell app downloads and advertising on the Android platform, but it plans to expand this to other platforms, such as mobile payments.

It will also be adding the ability to allow apps to have a personalised notification when an app is downloaded or used.

It’s a significant step towards creating an open platform for mobile apps, and it comes as Google gears up to launch its own PaaS in the coming months.

The company has previously launched an app store for Android, but its app store is not part of the platform.

“Google Play Services is an opportunity for Android app and mobile app developers to create apps that are both mobile-centric and also accessible to developers for other platforms,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement.

“With this platform, you can get your app into Google Play and get paid for the app by third-party partners and advertisers on any platform.

The platform also enables developers to build and share mobile apps with the Google platform.

Google Play services is designed for developers who want to build great mobile apps and build a vibrant ecosystem that’s accessible to everyone.”

As the platform expands, Google has also said it will be launching its own Android platform that will have similar functionality to the existing Google Play store.

Google Play will be available from the end of next month, the spokesperson added.

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