How to style the Sport Bible’s Status Bar

Apple has officially launched its new Sport app, and it’s packed with a ton of new features.

The app now supports multiple devices and devices sizes, and the app now lets you easily customize the status bar.

However, the app’s status bar style is now customizable.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the statusbar’s style is styled in the upper left of the app.

If you want to make your Sport a little more user friendly, you can do so with a simple tap on the Status Bar button.

The Sport app’s Status bar style has been tweaked with iOS 10 The Sport is the first Apple-made sports app to support multiple devices.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about sports apps over the past few years, it’s that iOS has always been a great platform to make apps for.

Apple has been working hard to support iOS’ users, and they’ve done a great job with this new app.

The new app now includes support for three different device sizes and the ability to customize the style of the status bars.

The main status bar styles in the app are: The normal Sport bar, which is a classic white Sport bar with a small black background.

The Sports icon with a blue border.

And finally, the new Sports icon, which shows the current sports score.

For a complete list of the iOS 10-compatible devices and sizes, you’ll want to check out the new app’s release notes.

I love that the app lets you quickly customize the app style in the Status bar by swiping up or down on the bar.

The current version of the Sport app has been optimized for all three sizes.

It also shows the time and date on the status-bar, as well as notifications when a new score is updated.

I’ve also been able to make the app feel a little less cluttered by changing the app icon.

As the name suggests, the Sports icon’s color scheme has been changed to black, with a black border.

The colors of the icons are also different, with the orange Sports icon being darker than the others.

That’s a nice touch, as I often found myself switching between the orange and red icons.

There’s also a new button for viewing the app in the lower right corner of the screen.

You can use the new icon to switch between different apps.

The biggest change here is the new bar styles.

The status bar now has three styles, all of which are the same as the old Sport bar.

If the app has a status bar that’s not on your device, you should make sure you switch back to that app to get that updated style.

As with the new Sport bar styles, you also can change the style for the main status bars of the apps.

I have a Sport and an Activity app on my iPhone, so I can change my settings for both apps without having to re-configure the status icons.

I can do that by swipes left or right from the main menu.

You should be able to customize your Sport bar style in Settings > Settings app > Status bar, as the app is a lot easier to customize now that it supports multiple sizes.

I’m also happy to report that I have the new Activity app running on my iOS 11.1 device, so it supports the new bars as well.

As of right now, the main Sport bar looks a little bit different from the old bars.

This new bar style should be much more comfortable for most users.

I haven’t noticed any major bugs, and I’m glad I finally got the new sports app out of the way.

Hopefully, more iOS 10 apps will start supporting the new features as the iOS 11 update goes live.

If this is your first time using the new status bar, you might want to head over to Apple’s iOS 10 preview site to learn more.

This article originally appeared on AppleInsider.

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