What’s new in Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

What’s New in Android Marshmallow, Version 6.1.0?

The latest version of Android comes with many new features, and many of these have been around for quite some time now.

Many of the features we’ve been excited to see in the new Marshmallow include a new user interface, the addition of an icon-based notification shade, improved audio, and a new notification bar style.

We’ll take a closer look at the new features in this video, but first let’s take a look at how the notification bar looks in Marshmallow.

The notification bar in Marshmallows Android 6 on top of the app bar and a Google search bar in the bottom.

Note that the notification icon in the middle is no longer a white background.

The top right corner of the notification area is the top bar, with the notification title and a few options.

Below that is the notification menu, which shows all the notification options for the current app.

On the left side is the home screen, which is where you’ll find the app launcher, app drawer, and notification options.

On top of that is a shortcut to the main notification area.

The bottom of the screen is where the notifications are shown.

In Marshmallow you’ll see the status bar in a dark blue color.

The notifications are a very large part of Android Marshmills design, and the notifications bar is certainly one of the main areas that people notice the most.

While it might be hard to notice the notification indicator in the notification center, you’ll definitely notice it in the status bars, because it shows the number of notifications, the duration of the current notification, and any other notifications that you might be receiving.

We have seen this kind of notification indicator before.

The original Marshmallow notification bar has a very similar design to the new one, and it also looks very similar.

The notification bar itself also looks the same, but the notification label and the app icons are a bit different.

The most important thing to note is that the icon on the notification banner has changed.

In previous versions of Marshmallow the notification header icon was the same as the notification image, but in MarshMallows version 6.2 it now shows a white circle instead of a black circle.

This makes it look much more natural.

The new notification banner in Marshms UI.

The old notification banner was a very common feature, but Google has made it easy to remove it.

Just click on the banner icon and remove the old notification.

You can also right-click on the new notification and select Remove.

The other big change in Marsh mallows 6.5 is that you’ll be able to customize the notification shade and icon styles.

You’ll be asked to create a new color scheme, and you’ll also be able set the notification style and notification shade color.

In Marshmallow we’re seeing more of the old style notification icons in the home bar and notification area, and in the search bar, but we also see the old icon style notification indicator now.

The old icon is a dark gray color, and is also the default color for the notification icons.

The new icon is white.

Here’s a screen shot of the new icon style indicator in Marsh Mallows 6, which you can see here.

Notice how the old color has been replaced with the new color, while the notification colors are the same.

The icon for the old bar has also been removed.

You can also set the icon colors for notifications that are not currently receiving notifications.

This is a feature that is currently enabled in Marshmas 6.3, but not yet in Marsh 7.

This feature is currently available only for the Android 6 apps, and will be enabled in future versions of Android.

You also get a new way to customize your notification shade.

In the new version of Marsh, you can now customize the icon style of the home and notification bar, and of course you can also change the icon color.

The shade color is the same now, and that is white in Marsh.

The status bar is also a little different in Marsh 5, as it has changed to a light gray color instead of the dark gray of the previous version.

The status bar icon is also now a white circular icon.

This is what the status icon looks like in Marsh 6.9.

We’ve seen the statusbar in Android for quite a while now.

As we’ve seen in previous versions, this notification indicator is used to indicate when you’ve received a notification from a notification app.

It also shows the status of your app, and also shows whether or not you have been blocked by a notification.

The previous version of the status indicator was always a circular, but with the Marshmallow update, Google has improved this.

The circular status indicator now displays in a square shape, and instead of being just a circle it now has a small white dot at the bottom of it. The dot

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