Why You Should Stop Using Your Phone as a Camera for Games

You may be able to enjoy your video games without the constant need to zoom into the screen, but for most people, the device’s camera is still a major part of their gaming experience.

In an article for Wired magazine, writer Nick Schadler wrote that the mobile game industry’s growing popularity means that many people are “pushing the limits of their smartphone cameras” to capture the action.

The article includes a link to a YouTube video of a video game developer in a car in which the camera snaps images of the driver and the game’s players, which are then displayed on a monitor.

“You have to be really careful about not making it look like you’re using your phone as a camera,” Schadlers wrote.

“It looks like you are.”

You can see the game in action on a mobile game developer’s car in the video above, but in reality, you could be using your smartphone to snap photos and video of you and your friends, or you could even be filming a movie in your home.

You could also be capturing the gameplay itself, which is what the game developer is recording with the camera.

“If you look at a game like Portal, where you have the portal to a world, it’s a lot more of a real-time experience than a first-person shooter,” said John Riehl, the creative director at The New York Times Game Studio, which runs the video game portal.

“But if you’re capturing the action, you’re not going to be as good.

You’re not getting the feel of it.”

Riels told Wired that the video was created with the help of the studio’s software, which allows the developers to capture gameplay elements like movement and audio without requiring the developer to create a camera.

Riehs also said that it would take the game developers a couple of weeks to finish the video.

“They have to have the experience of using their phone as their camera,” he said.

“I think that it’s great that they’re taking it to the next level, and hopefully they can find some people to do it.”

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